“Time is always the biggest helping hand because while human beings can’t teleport, they will always look deep inside them and retrieve any feelings they want.” Advertisements

“You have more friends across time than you have across space when your inner time races towards outer space.”

“You have more friends across time than you have across space when your inner time races towards outer space.”

“Time-traveling inside the imagination is happening all the time and reality is the proof of that.”

“Time-traveling inside the imagination is happening all the time and reality is the proof of that.”

They are obsessed with time-traveling. What is time traveling? What, if not, navigating back and forth through the memories of past and the future. Everything you think also becomes part of your memories and your thoughts and feelings that no one will be able to see also count. In fact, they could weigh more than your reality given how carefully, honestly, and rigorously you design them.

We can design memories and let them wear the proof of life without altering our common reality. It is a power that we all have, but not all of us are able to accomplish that. The reason is adjusting the balance between simplicity and complexity.

Read somewhere;

We think simply but we live in details.

Details are important. They shape the world as it exists. Whoever has the power to adjust the fine-line of the accuracy of sight can observe that dividing line. However, it takes the permission of the observer inside you who creates that line. The Ego.

You don’t have time to concentrate or think about details that you think don’t matter. Honestly, we think all the details matter. It is really up to you and your self-interest and up to the question of what you are seeking.

“It is amazing how we move forward in time as we step into the present and become disconnected from the past.”

When a 17-year-old boy wrote that line he didn’t’ know what he really meant, but he liked what he had composed and liked the sense and feeling that it delivered. Almost 13 years later, the same sentences feel like a revelation.

Mostly because of the newfound memories. The intangible thoughts that turned from wonder to wonderful and continue to think themselves. A thinking mind that is no longer a slave and rose up through the chain of command, by asking permission, fighting demons, creating algorithms, defeating doubting, creating new ones. It is a life-long process and it is amazing. But you have to reach the middle to fully experience it.

You also have to be careful as well because this middle is nowhere. You have to make sure that you are well-trained to understand the consequence of losing everything. It includes caring to respect for the mind, body, relations, feelings, values of the person who lived before. Always keeping the truth above your head in a non-stop chase is like smoking cigarettes. It kills you… slowly.

Kindness, respect, friendship, love matter. So doesn’t matter where that journey leads you and whoever comes up as the result of your evolving mind, there will always be that one friendly variable, willingly ready to contain you and not let you fade away. Not a single expression of your feelings. ALiF is that variable for me.

It can contain all, when it speaks in our imagination, rest of the identities become silent because his focus is so lovely. His thoughts are amazing and his balance, always retrievable. Is ALiF on the top? Not above The Observer.