Time May/May Not, The World Will Decide The End

Feels like Humans are being given a chance to take the final leap of faith and accelerate towards the stars or become victim of doubts, fakeness, negativity, hatred and hit the button that leads us all to somewhere. Somewhere, some situation so unwanted that we’d rather prefer nowhere.

Our feelings are not feeling something completely new. When radical changes take place and they take place fast, it gives us a glimpse into the future that there’s an opportunity to divert wheel of fate into the positive/neutral direction for everyone.

The way events are unfolding in 2017, the journey from here onwards seems to be a tough time for everyone. Decision-making is becoming a tough process for everyone, especially those who feel responsible and wish for a prosperous global community where labels Will have no influence, helpful ideals Would. Others who don’t care will make fast decisions, ignore science, rules and regulations necessary to keep the peace and will become too much localized in their objectives.

If we are the ones following the Music Inside, we would stay away from politics and guide our ideals through message of Love, Friendship, Hopes and Humanity. Unity, Faith, Discipline and followers of these keywords will also be very decisive in this regard.

Responsible individuals would use patience and justice as powertools to guide the others towards the safety for all because innocence is self-evident, it does not require a label. Thus billions of innocent people around the world must not wait and watch the dirty game of false agendas and harmful decisions that over-the-top people make sitting on their highest seats. There are so many good people in the world (if not all of them are innocent) who deserve to go on in life and give their children a peaceful Earth. Millennials are dutiful to inherit post-millennials and their children the “safe planet” they inherited, if not safer, greener.

Love has no enemies but the truth is faceless and requires no definition from anyone or any other word. It is just like “Zero” where all the other numbers are its captive. It is like a “_Blank Space” in the sentences and can only be replaced by a single alphabet, not words, to preserve the meaning.

If this is the tide of time we have always feared, it only means that we have no one to fear from but our own actions, not the action of other individuals. Innocent, peaceful, people with families… they are secure because they don’t have the veto power that could turn the tables and those holding table talks, deciding fate of nations. They are accountable for the decisions they make!

The Ultimate Truth is silent in reality because reality is perfect. Truth endears everyone but holds no one dear enough to bend the space-time fabric of reality for anyone. Anyone!

The fabric of imagination is your only opportunity because it is flexibile and can morph itself to meet the realistic facts that affect the future. Our strife should be to allow a safe future for our children, our time has already passed.

Time “May” give us that opportunity and May the right decision be made that’s suitable for all. The beautiful, ordinary people who love their families must not have stake in anything that’s related to those tough choices. The people who are enemies of life, the Holy Spirit shows mercy to them…. but what about “Kali Mata?”

The balance in this Universe shifts thing in an order so an even number falls/false after every odd number in an alternating story that starts from Zero and goes all the way to infinity.

Those in the world May decide now, but if there is an another world or afterlife, the clock will be reversed and individuals will see what their tongues, actions, and even thoughts, judgement, memories had accomplished.

We cannot fitht the negative labels, but if we are able to recognize the elements/factors behind those labels, We May find, labels aren’t what they mean.

Where ever Money, Greed, War, Hatred, Division, Racism, Gender-bias, inquality, curruption, carelessness, and injustice is involved, Mother Nature always creates a way to nutralize things and give the people hope they need. Humanity is our flag and we will continue to stick to it.

Our vacabulary lacks the words that we don’t want to know, that we don’t want to see. We want what peaceful world of tomorrow wants and that is Love because it is above all. Inner Music must have been created with this principle and somewhere in some corner of the world, the Outer Music United so many people as they cast their votes. And those votes WILL NOT GO TO WASTE! Expressions were leaked from all the Iris of the eyes in front and behind the cameras and lenses in front and behind the heart.

No ideology is negative, they have been falsely narrated is all and negative elements of those ideologies can be easily neutralized and rendered virus-free.

Music Lovers, Millennials, Post-Millennials, and other individuals who wish to end the war… STAY STRONG, STAY UNITED!