A Dog’s Purpose in the Parallels of Time

A traveler in the desert was searching for signs of water. He had a dog but water has no fragrance of its own so they had nothing but instincts and thirst to guide them.

The traveler must have slept when the dog felt moisture in the dry currents of the winds but he didn’t want to wake up his owner. He left to find the source of life, hoping the water is nearby.

A sandstorm came and divided them both from each other. When the dust settled, the owner was nowhere to be found. The dog thought his owner was gone, felt sad for a moment and accepted the unwanted freedom.

The seamless desert took its toll on his lungs and the dog died of thirst, tears fell from his eyes how his owner must have felt.

Ages later, a wild horse was trapped in the same merciless desert.  Unlike the camel, he had no capacity to store the water. Within days he got weak and fell down to the burning sand, wishing to die of heat, not thirst.

There came a man in a turban wearing all white and gave the horse some water to drink. By the time the horse had returned to senses, there was no one around him and found a pool of blue water on the distant horizon.

He remembered once a dog telling him, “on the distance horizon, searching for water is hopeless because it is just reflection of the sky.”

But the horse wasn’t giving up. He needed to taste water one last time on his lips doesn’t matter if there wasn’t enough to drink. The juice of life is eternal in hopes of horses, that’s why they don’t develop a hump.

On his journey to the horizon, it rained but he didn’t drink, it has to be the water on the horizon. But horizon didn’t seem to end. He kept on walking with his weak legs.

At some point, he realized perhaps it was pointless. He looked up to the sky and wished for the rain. It didn’t rain, instead, sand storms blinded him from the very sight of hope.

He couldn’t walk but stood there, waiting patiently. On the seventh day, the desert was finally clear and the horizon was drawn near him so he can drink directly from the horizon.

As he drank the water, life returned to his body, mind, and heart. Suddenly, his thoughts illuminated with memories of an own he once used to have. But they were really just memories of water.

Divided by time and space from his benefactor, the water expressed itself as remains of the owner who became water just so his dog can drink it some day. The tail curled up, and he realized he wasn’t a horse, he was a dog.

His tears fell into the horizon of water and he hopes with it his memories will travel back to the past so the owner could know, those weren’t tears but the water that was given to him.

All his life the horse lived too blind to see with his two eyes that he was a dog. It took some grains of sand that he had caught in his eyes, to remind him to close his eyes and remember the truth of which the tears were just the evidence.

So he closed his eyes and started walking around the diagonals of his imaginary horizons, feeling the piece of string that connected him to his owner.

With nothing else to guide him, there was this heartbeat as a friend to remind him that this isn’t the end and the end is the new beginning he was looking for.

A night finally covered the desert so the horizon cannot be seen. For only those deserve to see it who have a true guide in their heart to show them the light of inside.

“There, there.” A voice said.

“Rest, now. Your feelings are your music and without it, you are only asleep. I will be still there when your eyes will be opened again.”

Only a dog can sleep with such a calmness.