Perhaps, In Time and Space

Time is a piece of string, space a piece of strand,
Two pairs, created this way, walking side by side,
Tied end to end.

Among the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water,
One only needs to get to the fourth expression,
The rest chase after.

All the Whiteness of light is just a container of,
All the colors that red, blue green can make and,
Rainbow is a spin-off.

The four extra colors are depiction of a scheme grand,
That one needs to scroll through via a Kaleidoscope,
So there’s nothing missing in the end.

Life is a gift that helps us unlock the background,
That one needs to keep exploring by keep getting lost,
To keep getting found.

An imaginary friend is the expression of the alpha,
That one needs to embrace and walk with as an omega,
Unify love in reality of a delta.

All human beings are omegas described by an alphabet,
So the war between love and friendship can be balanced,
If love is all, friendship is that.

ALiF inside us connects us all and to the right fates,
One that defines the matrix, creates pairs, soulmates,
In mind maze, we are each other’s gates.

In time and space, the meanings were never lost because,
The words were always there to explain, all it takes is,
Dedication to the purpose, love of the cause.

Order and Chaos are but altered states as mind the anvil,
Our freedom is a victim in the game of falseness we create,
And blame it all on the evil.

The evil is the result of our dark desires to beat others,
What is Tree of life? Sister cells, branches as daughters,
Bellies that give birth are just mothers.

In time and space, heartfelt attractions lost the coma,
That allows ever more life to be born from love of truth,
Not some drama.

She’s there to see through our eyes and you are the masters,
Unity in nature made Trinity free in the eyes of truth, but,
Not as free as the fathers.