Look up to the voids when you can’t look up to the stars

One day when the moon will be colonized, looking up to Earth and praying from our mother, will be a beautiful experience. It will remind us of the mud that we rose from, it will remind us of our fingerprints, and it will remind of our habit of believing in the fulfillment. Things that we used to ask from faith in the past, things that pray for today, and things that we’d hope for tomorrow. And yet, it is tomorrow that we hope from and what send out from our calls to the future, essentially makes us, a day older. Prayers, day older, weeks older, years older, centuries older, millenniums older, eons older.

Looking at the stained face of the moon, sons of Adam have wondered before that is there a brush that’ll be ever to wash out the memories of original sin. Will birth continue to be a crime for women more than it is for men. If that’s so, how do I celebrate this privilege? Cause I’m a son who loves his mother, and then her mother, and all the way to the grand-grand grandmother.

For daughters of today as children when one sees them, what can one do on the long term? She’s always needed help from men to rise up. This time, women must surpass and rise above water on their own… to break this curse once in for all.

There are some matters that one can’t just take to God. I’ve tried, and God never replies. As is the case for everyone here down on Earth. It is because God doesn’t interfere in the affair of men and women. We have evolved from paganism to become civilized and not realize fully what should be women’s rights. How to equate the light of the sun and the moon? The male and female pair of our solar universe? After the sun comes it’s mirror, after ray comes it’s reflection, after Adam comes Eve… and after asking the right questions come to the right answer.

For a long time, we have searched for a judge of the beauty, only to realize that beauty needs no judge. If this material universe is a glass of different concentrations, then we are rays of light swimming through its whole. Our visible stretches are not enough to serve how our own light of truth stretches us tall and shrinks us small. And this is how we are all trying to look for a definitive edge of the universe while our own boundaries are not clear.

Looking at the waning phase of the moon, it’s always so easy to see that the side which receives the sunlight shows a clearer edge. Summary: Why worry about anything when you know the obvious fate of all the bodies that orbit their centres.