Knowledge is such a sweet thing, it punishes by not being there. 

You can give books to a nation, give them religion, and give the world of knowledge. Those who are attracted by the world and its luxuries, they are deprived of meanings in every way. They study but never learn, they revise but never extract, they earn but never invest… in good things.

To be a good human being is a virtue. To be a diligent human being is more virtue. Knowledge is a virtue only when the knower is aware.. how it benefits. And so go on the repeated lessons, that fall on ears but never reach the heart.

Nations, people, who never respect their teachers suffer from the indignity and the world never give them respect. Places where books are caged, students are taught to learn so they can get jobs, and where the environment is more suitable to the chase of the stomach than brain… is what they become. Such nations become stomachs, never to be satisfied.

The candle of light burns everywhere, which in terms of education is just the desire to learn out of ordinary and to learn something of new…. but exhausted mind, weary of their own setups never find time to ponder over delicacies. A human brain is a delicate object, focus a precious commodity, preference… then preference is everything.

Nations that live in noise, become noise. Those who have nothing to add to the pool of ideas, such nations always run short of growth and development. Approach is really a small word to define the majestic, but it’s really an individual’s approach that helps climb the new heights of knowledge.

Knowledge, education, I realise, is something not without revenge. Those who mock education and knowledge end up getting mocked by it. A person that never rises above what is taught is forever stuck and a victim of a dilemma, the dilemma that they are not important.

Perhaps, God’s universe is relentless. God loves its creation, but he created laws that gratify and punish independently of his desire. Knowledge, he kept in a separate glass, those who drink from it quench their thirst, those who don’t feel the thirst for it. It is true and a learned as a repeated lesson, the biggest punishment of illiterate is that he’s obscure from the light.

He is obscure from light. He, the human being. There’s only so many times you can put he/she/them to represent the different genders. And that’s how we have forgotten to tread alongside each other because we forgot the common. He is common. And likewise, knowledge is common. Our differences helped us prevent from so many things. one of them is the power of knowledge.

Knowledge is such a sweet thing, it punishes by not being there. No doubt, owl is the best symbol to represent wisdom, it’s wide awake during the nights.