The Mirror and the Outlines

If you have more to talk to the objects than people, rest assured, you are back by ideas. When things communicate, it’s something of wisdom that’s given. The giver is never there, it is you all along, the giver is the light that’s trying to be there for you and when it tries enough, it makes it there for you to see. Thoughts but only reflect its the mirror of soul that teaches. If everyone’s mirror if everyone’s alpha, then the mirror is what people think of themselves and the others. What is the difference between you and other versions of conscious? You see the mirror, you see your reflection when it becomes transparent, you look at others through this window, that you thought was a mirror on the wall. It’s a rare form of art that for ages have tried to find someone to blame for deeds of humanity and someone to save them from it, the need for it creates the ultimate planet of crystals, a mirror world where (insides of) everyone travels and freezes in front of a mirror that they think is perfect for them to do for them in their lives. The human conscious is free as a soul, as a mindset, it tends to be congested. If all follow mindsets, then only by never setting your mind, you break free from the delimma of choices. These words can never help anyone unless, the eyes find composition after words of a particular taste has been sought out for too long. The words that satisfy us are always the words that we seek. The reason for diversity was for people to do their make up in the mirror outside the outlines of their shadows.