The Cycle and the Change

The Ying and Yang. There are so many forms of Ying Yang. Why and Can you see the Subtleness?

We, the people, are fragile. We are all powerless against the incredible cycle of life that just tends to continue and never ends. But we still hope for our lives not to end and for life itself to go on.

People have never been really united and the factions seem to have existed even before the birth of Adam and Eve. That for some is a matter of absolute faith, for some, it is just a tale, for some, an art to depict things and conceptualize and to the extremist scientists just a way to keep the children pampered.

Progress is not determined by eradication of problems but the eradication of newer problems. We are still trapped in issues that have been there for centuries. Awareness has been a vital tool to educate the populations but masses have a thing to them… the fellowship of the crowd, being the crowd.

The ethical issues that have existed in us for centuries are due to our failure to educate a general mindset of humanity. What are the laws, what are the rules for a specific problem when humans have in their power to determine the challenges and write down the solutions? Of course, our differences of opinion and outlook always get in the way. There isn’t much that we have learned from diversity.

In the language of science, if homogeneity and diversity are the outcomes of how foundations are laid, then the foundations need focus. What is a more radical experiment at its edge, the diversity or homogeneity? These two types of population behaviour also represent Ying and Yang.

Racial, ethnic, and religious diversity is hardly a problem when change is in question because the change when due can’t be stopped. It seems like the actual test humanity comes to face again and again are ideological differences that translate into habits and behaviours.

From the time we remember, men have been ruling the world. There’s no doubt that it’s a men world… a man’s world that deluded women into thinking that they can’t run the world, that being women have is less of a privilege as if ordained by God. Whereas in truth, with each revelation men had been strictly instructed to give women their due rights. What we failed to understand is that equality must be served beyond equality of education.

There’s a great conspiracy or the truth that world will come to an end when women will begin to rule the world and it’s being forged by centres of power who have nothing to do with religion using religion as a backing force to their secret agendas.

Faith tells us to look at the image of a woman as a soul.

If sexuality is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of women, you are damn straight, but if that’s where it stops, you are straight damned. Yes, then be damned because the heaven God placed under the feet of mothers.

Women never got to rule the world because men thought they can’t and they (we) deprived them of the chances to share their ideas. To tell you the truth, women are kinder than men because men never get to be mothers. In the hands of mothers, we can always expect a kinder world.

In today’s world, Men are cycles, women are the change.

Heed, it’s something fulfilled, not a bit strange. If you are a man and you are called a woman for supporting causes of your feeble fellow creatures (only those who are weak because there are so many who are strong), just be women of your words, and that’s all it takes for you to understand the truthness in yourself. Being jealous of a woman is a women’s curse, not men’s. If women rise, with it will empower the change and the promised heaven that only the colour percipient mind of women can decorate.

If you are women reading this, I tried my best to be transparent with words, I tried my best to decorate them for you, whoever you are, where ever you are, know your worth, it is because of you that there are colours.