What are the Precursors of Revolution?

How many does it take to bring a revolution? If change is a number, it takes billions. If change is power, it takes just two. If change is to die for, it takes just one.

The legions. The legions were born in the past and they fought corruption. The leaders of those legions knew the message that you send to the future are more important than sacrifices given for it. All of them did it for the love of the future, for the continuation of humanity towards progress, for the Earth’s children; the children of the milky way.

The legions have always consisted of people who have suffered in one way or another the atrocities of false believes and their practices. This is a universe driven by will. When people learn to live with tyranny and slavery, the will to change never manifests. Villages, towns, and even dead cosmopolitans… humanity awakes when reasons call, big or small, but when humanity awakes inside, you just know something’s going on, something raging, and you can try but you can’t avoid.

Change can’t be stopped. It pushes through and denies all scales. Change can be constructive, change can destructive. If it’s constructive, it is a revolution. When change is upon an age, it better be a revolution.

Time creates mountains so slowly the pace can’t be witnessed. The Record takes generations to grow. And likewise the evolution. Civilizations wither away, and what’s the durability of human skin… even leather suffers time decay.

Worse than being destroyed is being left alone there, halfway through the climb. And you keep wondering about the basin and its depth. Those who have courage, curiosity, and reasons, they submit the peak, and look around, searching for a higher peak and another beyond.

There are stories of whirling dervishes. Those who summited and kept spinning around in madness because they couldn’t see a higher mountain. And they kept spinning like that, the earth felt mercy and new mountains were grown. It’s easy to destroy a challenger, but you can’t beat the challenge itself. What you do is never conform, never bend.

Those who bow to the idea of oneness don’t need a God to drive the change. They have all the God-given patience. PR of high names are just ways, the real material is the spark to do something and every good person (precursors) has it. The voice in the backside of your head is your friend, your conscious, don’t listen to it and it becomes your enemy.

Is there a particular reason why nations who don’t listen to their conscious suffer in agony?