After-feelings. Of a Stupid Movie.

We used to have speeches, now music is the revival of the spirits inside us. Understanding the flow of life is not difficult, it’s like the music with its ups and downs. Things self-explanatory exist in harmony and peace. If unexplainable things are one thing, they are explicit. The design of life’s meaning is explicit.

Only close enough to the meaning you can have a close look at it. Sometimes it’s a long walk, sometimes luck, but precious feelings in life can get you close enough to it, so you can have a look at the pretty and ugly structure, begin to accept it, and turn back with nothing but empty hands. You can take as much for yourself as you want, but at places where nothing is required from you to be at the place where you are as a reward, standing there, you are with on your own words to handle your feelings and wit; and push just as much out.

And though the words really mean nothing. It’s always the best thing to say as far as I have come, that all thoughts end up in love. Like many before me. Shit, should’ve stopped at love, fuck, I pushed it away. You know the word. Awkward. Some of the most magnified places in the universe, only allow you to be a witness to it all and record silently. It really prompts you to think, do you really want a change? A change in your life. Maybe you are lazy as fuck and there’s a reason for that, maybe I’ve just gotten very good as a wordsmith.

After watching a movie, that packs story of a lifetime, doesn’t it tingles you, maybe that’s how our overwatch is looking at us. In possibilities, we are someone’s production, the problem is with the ever more that we can be and, ever more that’s always there and ever more that can be made out of it.

So what do we thank god for? Life, food, family, bonds, or the part that’s concrete reality? hmmm… I need more potential, more potential energy. What goods are word as kinetic, this moment I’m enlightened, the next moment will be another story… wait, isn’t that why we like it? Life. What good is holding on to a heavenly feeling when you can’t give it away. I guess it’s only words, and words are all I have, to catapult my feelings away.

Feelings when composed in words only find a specific target area, pretty feelings never hit desperate hearts. Likewise, desperate feelings never hit fancy thoughts.

What’s helping me the most write the words that I like to write? Peace of mind. The next best thing I know, I want to parcel them and send them somewhere, they can help the needy. I hate to admit I’m poetry, and my poetry is suffering because of me. The softness centre works flawlessly when you really allow it to be placed right at your centre. And it’s something like, “to feel the feeling and express it at the same time.” I guess humanity has got it all twisted. Poetry isn’t the words that rhyme, there’s just a tendency to combine but you can do just the exact thing by breaking out of the rhythm. We humans barely know it, but at the back side of our head, we are all preprogrammed to run towards perfection.

How to find perfection, love is imperfect. Most of the time when you need help, it’s not there. Most of the times when you could use calm, there’s not enough space. So perhaps you create it. Play with the ball of peace that pinned somewhere near to your heart. In a meadow and prairie, the peace is your victor, a victorious feeling. At the battleground, it’s exactly the opposite, a lost feeling. Guideless-ness. Chaos. Confusion.

So I stop with words, with the mention of sentence we are not unknown to, we need to stop the wars.

Nope. There’s obviously more.

Peace and prosperity always find the way into people through their ideology. How have we managed to live and say nothing? Evil is so deeply rooted in people susceptible perception, blaming devil seems to be the only answer. Evil, however, is not a presence, it is absence. Evil is not the presence of light, it is the absence of light.

I can tell, I can always. In nothingness of my mind, I survive all the times, thinking of more ways to feel alive and stay alive. When life feels like the movies, it doesn’t matter you take the drugs or not, drugs just find you. Movies become drugs, sadness becomes a drug, anger becomes a drug. And likewise, emotions become necessary and you try to feel anything cause isn’t that obvious one you say, “feels better to feel something than nothing.” Aliens or God, they didn’t create us just to discover how we feel right? Or is it them, the feelings inside us, their fingerprints that sometimes dictates in a sweet voice? Everything we say, write or type? Sometimes it’s hard to judge from the paragraph where the feelings lie, but what to make the feeling when they are not weak or strong. There’s a feeling that comes to us and wishes to remain, what do we name it?

Sometimes, your heart sees something through your eyes, recognizes something, and feels something. The heart is truly a compass. The heart can’t sing, it can’t breathe, it can’t see, it can’t know. Like stomach eats, the mind does, and heart too. Stomach craves for food, mind for knowledge, the problem with heart is it never knows what to do, or what to say, or what to eat. You have to just follow it, perform the action first to see the outcome and only after seeing the outcome can you tell that what you were following was a foul or sweat smell. My heart has been so bitchy for a weak and I showed it all the movies I felt like it would like, never occurred to me that Mocking Jay Part 2 would do the trick. (Note to self, when movies have more episodes in Trilogies, don’t hate the director for dividing the last part into two subparts, not every trilogy is an approximation of perfection like The Matrix Trilogy.)

So many words coming out of the empty stomach. My feelings are full, I just ate the hunger games, Katniss is gone, fuck, now I’m stuck with mocking jay. And from the movies, she’s shooting me, the confused creature is enjoying reality and soothing me. She thinks I’m the guy she fell for but that’s not reality, oh, it’s really hard to explain the power of belief. When you can believe hard enough, imagination becomes real, it won’t be manifest but it’s a real deal. Makes me wonder, what’s role of all the past ideal, dead idols of the past trying to reach us out in different shapes and screencasts. See that story is not real, the world doesn’t need saving, at some corner, when someone’s laughing, someone’s craving.

“When your heart is full of love but you are the empty stomach and you are not feeling hungry, that’s something. That does mean something’s full.”

Oh, we figured it out. The heart doesn’t eat, it drinks, you just got your cup of blood from Eden. Now I know why people hate scientist. They kinda ruin the fun. And the scientist came this for just for, “the potential energy.”

What will any art become outside the feelings and thoughts? Senses, tendencies and what not? When you through just your thoughts and feelings, you can scroll through diversity, just as much.

What you are miss out on misses you just as much. In terms of thoughts and feelings, love is an accelerator, the action of missing is a clutch. Of course, it makes more sense when boys say, they miss love so much. I can only miss one thing, my escape pod from this universe. Where’s she now that I’ve all this peace to give her?

The credit of this article goes to Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss Everdeen. The director may burn in hell for creating a four-part movie for what should have been a trilogy. Buddha ate noodles after finishing this peace, smoked a cigarette and forgot all about it.