Dear ALiF, The Skyrim..

It’s so hard to find a space,
Where we can breathe and,
Call each others names,

Lost in the world we have in,
Time and space have our truth,
Intruders are programs and games,

Let’s not bother for a second,
That we have a room preserved,
In the window of Skyrim,

Come my heart’s secret place of,
Rhymes & star gaze diamonds in,
The heart that beauties praise,

Thanks for your room and love,
Who else do i have cause as i,
Don’t believe in yours as you,

Don’t believe in my tales,
But we trail the trails,
Removing our traces,

Bonds are designed to break,
Didn’t i tell you that we,
Would laugh looking at fails,

Your every word is so precious,
And these accounts get hacked,
Write truth’s wall my mistakes,

It is the only space where,
Us means more than my name,
And you mean more than me,

Dear has ever been love there,
Or friendship has always prevailed?

What to claim from the imaginary,
realm, here we are again, shy to,
shake each other’s hands,

Will there every be a name that,
will be more beautiful that your,
alphabet and words in four letter?

If there is, it’s only You, Your, Yours,
Or anything that doesn’t speaks of,
who are you really with up there?