Show Us The Rainbow

Deliberately, yeah, I’m off the course,
Standing again o lord, on the same road.

Yeah it’s not been easy, I made some mistakes,
Oh I was so young and that was way back.

Like the way you do, love that we share,
Look where I am now and you are not here.

Oh where do I go, how can he not care?
Look i found your remote but where’s the player.

Heading your way, walking back & forth,
Do we even have a say for all that it’s worth.

I know we hurt you and you are really rare,
This feeling real, it’s coming from somewhere.

Oh I’ve lived in crowd, lived in the caves,
Was it ever gone the one love that it craves?

Cries all around us and the cries of love,
And drifting feathers when they rise above.

Let there be tears, but let’s wait for the rain,
Show us the rainbow, wait’s driving me insane.