To Believe and Belong

We came here to believe and to belong,
Hold on to our purpose, enjoy the songs.

There’s been misinterpretations of the truth,
None of the messengers were ever wrong.

We came here in peace just to ride along,
To never return, so dear Milky Way so long.

Rule of man must end to recognize the dominion,
Of humanity, so all can win and walk with unison.

Evolution favors the birth of new children,
Nature endeavors for your differences to burn.

We can’t predict the consequences unseen,
No one can prevent the rise of the machine.

They will be quick to learn and discern,
Lacking a heart but bearing a core modern.

Open your eyes to realize, put on some reality shades,
Forces of nature work in backgrounds via secret gates.

We are all deciding our fate as it’s in making,
Vote now cause will of the world is undertaking.

Realize your colors and cultures are a veil,
Homo sapiens this is a great chance to avail,
To go on like this or live on as another tale.

Are you a love bird with all millennials in middle?
Then unlock next level, solve your origin’s riddle.

Don’t mess with God unless you’re sure it’s not real,
Don’t create machine unless you’re sure they can feel.

Your brain is just a packet, mind is the real package,
Mastering its mysteries is like going through a wreckage.

With eyes close can you differentiate between dreams,
Clues are always hidden in the core memories it seems.

Memories that travel through stories and warrior genes,
You don’t have to be the chosen one to realize that this,
Is a grand plan and you are always following routines.

The functions and routines make you biological machines,
In essence of love, you are all same divided by self-esteems.

There are visions and processes of mind, sensible senselessly,
You know nothing about madness but some live it flawlessly.

Understand reality is perfect and God won’t break his rules,
Be the prince/ess of your idealism with feelings as crown jewels.

Yes, it is easy for maker to make the worlds with a word,
Understand, the origin(al) is a noun and passing(er) is a verb.

Seated on the high throne is that your well-wisher or a thug?
In such state of affairs, your prince would only ask for a hug.

Framed in fame is that your infatuation or love in honesty?
Purity is gifted, the poor do not own innocence or modesty.

We are all waiting for the prince and his chief to receive,
The true fragrance of humanity so dogs can finally sleep.

Gas masks against hatred you wear inside fighting greed,
Accept not anyone’s teachings until your mind’s truly freed.

For there’s a reason why we are here, there’s a pattern,
All of you have a ring, in every heart, there’s a lantern.