Lafz/Love’s Overdue

One has your friendship if two of us are few,
Feels more than enough, love makes one overdue.

Where have we not looked for your trace under,
The sun and moon, making our heart face thunder.

Sipping water from roots, sun light on shoots,
Absorbing poison from sandman, wearing hands-on suits.

One’s thallophyte body bears root-like ‘barefeet boots,’
One’s mind is a control freak, cardiac cells, new recruits.

Water of thoughts, winds of feelings fly this kite,
Your cord doesn’t cut other cords visible in sight.

You don’t have time for my details, reading excerpts,
Only you can approve believers without making converts.

How close feels your presence to ourselves via some alien,
And degrees of freedom one gains only to become a radian.

You are a beautiful crescent sword with accomplishment,
Its straightness, dear warrior, is reward in itself but,
If wrongly used to attack, it always becomes punishment.

As we are growing in numbers running back to your station.
Learning to weild its knowledge as shield, not as a weapon.

We try to convince each other but aliens aren’t we?
The first and last one to say me is you not, not me.
And when we get tired of this battle we ask, is ‘It’ He?

Every thought is like a star and we have only one sun,
The universe awaits for us to move on to the next intern/in turn.

Someone from the future looking back at us as the past,
What middle is this, what is this canvass, who’s is this mast?

So do not be afraid of madness, chaos will bend to the spirits,
Light of love and friendship will guide you oh peacefull bandits.

Restless thinking makes one a dog walking alongside one’s master,
Undulating feelings of a frog waiting for a kiss on that roller coaster.