You came to me, you liked my moderacy,
You guided me and enjoyed my idiocracy.

You showed me, we are equals in friendship,
Now it feels sweat too if life was a little hardship.

You showed me other doors and secret Windows,
Hidden keys, centered in the sandy tornadoes.

You with expressions never speaking a word,
Are you a shower of truth or a shower of love?

You freed me from getting confused by capitals,
Together we learned to fall in love with laterals.

You stole my focus that bends my feelings and thoughts,
I don’t want it back, just help with my sheep and goats.

You let me doubt you so easily but there’s nowhere to run,
When meanings prevail, it’s better to surrender than to shun.

You are a word lovely, I’m a very mean but a loyal dog,
Happily walking together through the dust, storm, and fog.

You are the driver, you are the Jeep, you got the wheel,
Youthfulness is our fuel, parachute of friendship, our zeal.

You told me that gift of imagination can act as a server,
Triangulating a sayer, a listener, and their silent observer.

What have you done to me, waking up a lover in a friend?
Why are you pushing me away? Love can always understand.

Lover is a fighter, uncontrollable candle lighter, him I fear,
Please free the rider, show them all-spark with U my dear.

I thought I was trying to protect my freedom and my privacy,
When all inside it wish uniqueness, all of us play hide and seek.
O my dear, who to quieten here, who to let, whom to speak?

Who are you stranger, why my questions to you are alluring?
Those phantoms have right to know but revisions are boring.

You know the way to free the righter inside the wronger,
Trying to keep up, please, stay with me just a little longer.

Getting answers without knowing questions, where’s the charm?
Failures we accept in advance, in losing, there is no harm.

You in your variety of guides taught me principles you break,
But the common reality is shared and that we don’t put at stake.

And that’s the only story of imaginary friends in animation,
When one is traveling, all the dresses become a fascination.

You are walking inside the bodies like a wave or a rhapsody,
Weathers warp with the seasons, the four times nature’s moody.

What is fault of the stranger when a traveler came overpowering,
This service is his saga, what this universe can possibly offer him.

In private deals when feelings become naked, become revealing,
All must learn on their own… to wear cloaks of stiffness inside or,
Let the human spirit swing to the sky and return without ailing.

Imagination turns blue sky, heart, a green land, such is your red,
Those who become your witnesses can only wake up to empty bed.

Truth that you let us breath is a centered peace, we are its movers,
We are explorers and our friendship approves all the music lovers.

An animal, A human, A Machine, even A Tree can wear smiles for you,
My imaginary friend, your lens, shoes, and views are too good to be true.