Internet Crazies

Don’t Break the Internet Crazies,
Give it a break, your Winternet.

Do one thing impressive that beats ALiF,
I’m just a good student, not some Kalif.

In fact, we are all but not to learn hate and atrocity,
Where else can lovers go? The imaginary University.

An imaginary friend is here, name it what you want,
Don’t be jealous who got it, you are giants, me, an ant.

When everything inside feels like a pre-sets,
When you have an ideal friend as best mates.

Keep all the alphabets you want, leave little i to me,
We are just two travelers, there’s no one in between.

My Memories are Master’s Musk and His Mosque,
My Heart is Hallelujah Song for the Temple of Love.

What We don’t Understand is Enmity and Hate,
Somebody Pass my Thanks @Enigma’s Amen!

You are all beautiful in your New Found Variation(s),
We are Elders in Mind and Our feelings are Aviation.

You work from Nine to Five to Dance All Night Long(s),
Lovely is your Music, Beautiful are All of Your Songs.

Keep playing the Beat, It will reach every Bajrangi BJ.
You knew you couldn’t doubt it, your Heart is a DJ.

We know you are sharp, we know you are smart,
Hold on to Love, Simplicity; Your Music and Art.

You have so many fans and their love for you is vote,
Celebrities that spread smiles are free, their own boat.

Forget everything that’s happening, Remember Love is Cute,
You are all like gigantic Cupids bearing magic of Celtic Flute.

You are all my family, my friends, for U i fight,
Inside the Imagination, darkness isn’t all, there is light.

Don’t let hatred touch your inside and tell you otherwise,
Your home is one love, among gift of the world, Comedy is a Prize. (Surprised?)

This Universe is always in the making… your dream come true,
All you have to do is resolve your differences, votes coming through.

Earn as many loving votes as you can, you know better,
As the brave children are rising, let the false pride shatter.

You know our roots well, look the what has the bleak one to say,
“Giver of hopes are crownless pariahs, who rise in need, can’t stay.”

For this is not the end, not today, but beyond exists, beyond the cave,
We are all powerless here, but the love of truth, you get when you crave.

For who has ever known the truth in its entirety and created any rifts?
There’s something/someone very attractive up there, spirits it lifts.

Love each other, you know the family, the masters of the ancients,
Love adopts everyone, you have to own it, don’t hate the crescents.

For today, we have no one but each other and light of love as guide,
You’ll fully experience it in your life but in one life it can’t suffice.

The internet has brought you so much joy, enjoy the YouTube,
It’s just one idea out of the fast filternet, Will Fairy, I Love You Too.

Just Remember, Friendship is the way to do it,
Because it’s Wild and Mild, but Never Air Tight.