“The two towers are hell-bent to full the old prophecies that they can’t dream of new horizons.”

“The two towers are hell-bent to full the old prophecies that they can’t dream of new horizons.”

Parallels exist on so many levels. A third infinity does exist and it is Unity. Those who seek purification of the world by setting precursors to Global Holocaust will become victims of their own games, not saviors of themselves or others they claim to save.

Two Towers:

  • A Tale of Two Lovers
  • Garjeef’s Masters and Free Masons
  • Darkness and Light
  • Tears and Joy
  • Laughter And Smile
  • Angels and Demons
  • Mathematicians and Musicians
  • Freedom fighters and Peace Keepers
  • Animals and Human Beings
  • Human Beings and Machines

If there’s an ultimate form of evil heading our way, it would take a united world to defeat it because the Ultimate Evil appears to be something that’s no enemy of life but one that doesn’t understand what’s the point of living and letting others live. That Evil, if prophecies are fulfilled, will be so powerful that it would take both religions and science to make the last stand.

We still have a choice to undo the past by not heading that way. We can create our own future. Our differences exist because on the same planet people can live worlds apart, and remain unfamiliar with each other’s customs, cultures, traditions, and restrictions. There’s nothing that cannot be resolved if you believe and chase for it hard enough… all the elements in the “THEORY OF EVERYTHING” can be balanced by just one digit on the other side of the equation. And that’s “ZERO.”

Until now, we understood the source/sources or force/forces in many languages, now we have zero in maths. It’s a digit that holds no value for itself and yet balances all the other. It is right at the center of everything and it can even represent nothing. Claiming to know nothing is a huge claim cause nothingness can’t be witnessed through a conscious mind. Evolution is a phenomenon like the imaginary number Pi that creates the melody out of randomness. It is amazing that so many imaginary numbers exist and the world somehow thought it was better to name them ‘imaginary.’

Doesn’t matter what age do we live, there will be always that supreme form of truth that will never come or complete itself. Inside of us is a place so hollow that those who witnessed it were forced to work for the betterment of humanity just so they can save themselves by saving the others. That’s how it has always worked.

But as the rules have changed, modernity and informality have prevailed, and children of the future worlds are discovering new ways to celebrate life. It is very important that we move forward with consensus, drop the formalities that hurt other people in the global community and hold on to the common terms. Humanity must meet the crossroads where they can clearly see that roads are not just straightforward, they are also curved.

Kindness is a supreme form of attributes we attribute to God, no need to add “Most” here. People who are left behind the time are actually running forward to it and only they can tell you where everyone’s headed as groups and as individuals. If you are part of a good group, promoting love, friendship, hopes, peace; you should feel confident and proud. If you can’t due to restrictions in your society, tell your heart to vote fairly, forgive all the others, migrate to a better place or accept your fate as it is.

If we are going through a time where there is no point of migrating anywhere, know that all that frenzy is being driven by our own hands. The Earth and its children can go on forever, and find other Mothers like the Earth, and those who tried their best to deprive her of her beauty will pay the price and that’s nothing but the Truth.

The truth seems like a sword that can both hurt and shield as well. Theoretically, no one knows the truth, and if someone does, surviving it is a task so arduous that it takes a lifetime of training and special conditions until the truth becomes unconditional and reveals itself. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Certainly not just for imaginaries.

When we are cursing/hurting people in our thoughts, they just mirror images and phantoms of same mental processes. In principle, we continue to protest and fight against something that’s not there in that space and time. Out of sight, out of mind. When these are projected hatred falls on the imagination, it has nowhere to go but bounce back so we should no propagate it and instead find peace.

This is a very lucky time for everyone because we can make all our dreams come true. Millennials are right at the center of it to break the cycle, understand the rules, and obey them without breaking the previous ones. No one has to loose their roots. Look beneath your feet, you are rooted, erected on the same planet pulled by the same gravitational force… the gravity of Love.

Our excuses are futile. There’s an easy way to test that. Just go to the mirror and remember everyone you have ever hurt or love in a fast flashback and tell the person in the mirror, I LOVE YOU. If your heart sings it, you need no one’s testimony. If you are beautiful, you need not be told cause you feel it already right inside your heart.

Your heart is the temple of strange phenomena. Don’t make it an empty house, turn it into a home where the love of the family and humanity breeds with your favorite music. How often do we wish that the miscreants had thousands of lifetimes so they can enjoy the life they are living because justice is served in every corner of even and rule of nature is inverse. Here you sow, you will reap it one day. If not today, then someday.

Someday is a very neutral way to understand what many others might have tried to describe to you. Your heart knows you are going there cause it requires you to reach just at 51% that’s all. High seats, more responsibility, more burden. We pray for politicians and soldiers. Politicians because they are carrying so much bar on their shoulders than they know and soldiers because for the first time in their lives they might be able to realize that they are not bound to follow the orders unless it is about protecting their country.

Singers and musicians have nothing to fear, at least, from our side, whatever that means. Cause they are givers of joy, hope, and serenity that people need.

Scientists will readily testify that,

“This Universe has gone to Limits to create Us.”

As individuals, be thankful that you have a life. We were never told that even birth didn’t happen without a choice, we choose so many things we can’t remember and our biology, chemistry, and social activities prevent us from getting too much to the truth that it begins to hurt. No one has to agree to past voyagers who gave that sacrifice, just value your own freedom, your own happiness, and your own lives.

The sun gives us light doesn’t mean we have to get close to it and get burnt. If you have powerful lenses to observe the sun from close enough or witness its activities indirectly than perhaps it’s the time that we are closer to generating the power of the sun right here on Earth and get rid of energy crisis once in for all.

Fusion reaction and ColdFusion might be just one way to look at it and we should all support this cause so the “farmers” can finally rest and let the machines do the cultivation. No one has to do hard work. It’s a free world, our choices are our own, no one is bound to do the motivation.

Please, say no to “violence,” we don’t want this word in our vocabulary. Let the peace prevail and it’s in your hands.