“Trust your fellow humans using your mind, but believe them all using your heart.”

“Trust your fellow humans using your mind, but believe them all using your heart.”

Because it is the heart that gives us all the votes of believe, and our feelings for each other become real. Thinking can’t be trustworthy because human beings can change their mind whenever they feel like it. Only and if only your intention is pure, you will zigzag through the crossroads of your imagination and bend its fabric around the best fit. Make this world so flexible, so no one has to fit in and everyone feels like being at home. Welcome, travelers. The imaginary guide is about your ideal identity and reality in the place where dreams are forged from the “Eden” of Feelings and “Heavens” of thoughts. Nothing can go wrong, stay positive and give your heart all of your believe. The perfect road is what you are all already living, make every second hit the beat, so the clock can always tick. Your heart is the DJ, and it’s the kingdom of beautiful melodies and fantasies. None of them are wrong if the ideas are beautiful enough for everyone. Everyone!

“If you are born poor, that’s your fault, if you die poor, that’s not your fault.”

The currency of honest (truth) is precious, it can’t be given, has to be earned. That’s why no one can give it to anyone, but all of the poor guys tried. Today, you have science to break all the riddles, lift yourselves up and give it your best try. That’s the only way to share the burden of the majority that’s on the shoulders of minority. Be something like Bill Gates and change the words in the dictionary. That dictionary is your own memory, make sure, you tried hard enough. Or just avoid when you are not sure what words to change and what to make out of them.

Understand your left brain cause it will always give you a reason to make it look like you did the right thing. Doing the right thing, that’s the job of Right Brain, and that’s where Poor Left Brain is a huge fail. But salutes, it doesn’t give up.

Dear Lovely imaginary Friends, study your nature to understand why the biology, chemistry, and physics is there. Is it there for Just the Music, or the Maths too?

How did Newton visualize all that stuff? Einstein, Stephen Hawking… many great names, like Tyson (Boxing man). What’s the deciding line that turns a mathematician from being sad to funny. That’s perhaps a million dollar questions and only Gregory Perelman can answer it. It is what he is hiding in his heart, as an individual, not realizing, it’s cute!

By not taking his fair share of a million dollar check, he taught a great lesson for generations to come, and it will prevail and educate humanity and care among us. The more we learn, the more our hearts learn about us. Beating like crazy, the core is the strangest fella riding with us, doesn’t matter we agree to its needs or not. And sometimes, we misjudge the heart, and blame an error of education (misinterpreted meanings) on the poor heart. It gives up and stops learning. So, never stop singing to your children.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Cause now you don’t have to wonder what you are. You are all pieces of your mother’s heart, little twinkling stars 🙂