Story of An Ant

“Hold!” The ant screamed and all the rows behind her stopped the March.

“June, what is wrong?” Ant’s aunt came asking her.

“There’s an Army coming,” replied the leader of all the ants, the Queen.

The ground trembled and footsteps shook the ground, lifting up a sandstorm. She thought she is doomed so she prayed for the safety of her species. The noise suddenly settled down and eventually so did the dust.

As the golden fog of cleared away, it was all revealed. Mountains, walking on two legs, bearing a head and two feets. A design of Pattern that connects and completes.

The army was lead by a chief. He looked down upon the ant and inquired, “why oh ant, why do you look at me with so much fear?”

“I’m sorry, my king. If I stepped into your realm. We are just looking for the Queen Bee because it’s the time for her flight and everyone is waiting.”

The King stepped down from his ride and picked up the little scared ant. “There’s nothing to fear my dear. This is a free world, this kingdom is hope and the ruling authority is always watching over us. He’s the king, I’m just a warrior chief.”

“Your army is so powerful and ours is so weak. As I guide them to the land of dreams, I feel unsafe. A single soldier from your force and squash my entire infantry. We know your friends have killed ants before, have they not?”

“Poor Ant, under the kingdom of our king, everyone is free under the sun. Go do as you will, everything the light touches! You won’t be harmed.”

“What about those dark places and your dark friends, all those dark tales.”

“I’m sorry if you feel that way about us. Me, my friends, they are not ant killers. If others like me have made a mistake, our king will serve them justly. Don’t you see, you thought I was pass over you without seeing you passing by. We stopped just to acknowledge you that, we are always watching over everyone beneath our feet. Carefulness is not a disease you see, it helps the ones below you.”

“So blessed is the king and so kind is his army. All the ants will forever remember you. And to where is your journey?”

“We are always travelling and on the journey, from a stop to another one. Look! We are already here.”

Sitting on the enormous hands of the chief, the ant forgot that sitting at the center of the palm of her hands was like being sitting in a safe valley that obscures the horizons and whatever is beneath. And sitting on the palm of his left hand, she saw a Yellow Bee sitting on the thumb of his right hand.

“The Queen Bee!! She’s is…What is She… She is…” Poor Ant couldn’t complete.

“A Beauty. What a beauty!” He smiled at the ant and then at the Queen Bee as she flew away from his thumbs, all the way up, even above the clouds.

“Dear soldier of fate, I feel so safe with you. Please, don’t put me down.” Said the ant.

He smiled and prompted him to crawl all the way to his right thumb. She crossed the valley of his palm, then the long desert of his arms, then the wide savannah of his shoulders, and desended in the same manner on the other side. In excitement, she had no of the amount of effort and time it took to reach there.

Finally, she climbed the Thumbs Up, up , up! And there!

Now she could see it all very clearly.

Everything the light touched was kingdom of the king. He was just a prince. She realized now, that only the prince of the kingdom was so kind. The card of mercy, the king never used without sending out the prince out so he could find the fact.

“Oh, Dear Lord, forgive me. I couldn’t recognize you. You are so kind. How do I thank you for the views you have shown to me? I was blind to see your true identity, now I will never be sure of my own identity. If that’s the price, I’m willing to pay. Please, just have mercy on me.”

He smiled.

“Poor ant, you were so young when you started your journey. Look into my other hand.” and she did. She saw an ant and then she knew, how much time had really passed. And then she flew up, and up, all the way above the clouds, even the cloud number 9.

Moral of the Story:

Make one! If everything has to be spelled out for you, you will never feel the intuition, the feeling that guides your heart. Listen to your inside, and there will be magic!

I will add a moral soon, just in case, so you can compare. Sooner than you think! And you think too carefully, try to think and feel, randomly, passively. Go with the flow, trust your instincts.