“Logical analysis redefines algorithms, not break them. Like remixes recompose new rhythms, not devastate them.”

Reimagine, Rethink. If it isn’t original, you can also take great pleasure from the remix. When brain meets the heart words become automatic, only limited by your own vocabulary. What good is the change of sound if it does not form a good melody? The dictionary of your memories can contain not only sounds but words, alphabets, numbers, frequencies, and wavelengths of all vibrations. All you have to do is to just get to that feeling and it’s like finding the source.

So are you in control, are you a puppet at the hands of your feelings? It depends on which part of you is controlling your feelings because the best of beauty inside your heart never fails to impress you with mind-bending translations, interpretations, and thoughts. You become independent and free like a child that knows nothing but won’t grow up. If that child is alive in you, you are never alone, on your own, with your heart, every beat sings for it. You get so much that you don’t know what to ask and you are forced to find agreement within lyrics like,

“All I need is a beauty and a beat.”

YouTube becomes MindFuck because all the songs either sing for the beauty or they sing for the beauty of truth. What is heart? Is it a bird? Is it a plan? It is Superman. But inside the imagination, you become just another happy fish in the cold water. Hot water currents keep coming and going, but they never fail to confound you. Water of thoughts is sweat because it never leaves.