Your Chains and Rhythms

For reasons, there are that we understand,
Love conquers all but they don’t comprehend.

Jesus died for us, what made him go so low,
Was it something he felt or something he saw?

Everyone is chained to the rhythm that you narrate,
My Maker, how to fix broken souls? Our heart aches.

Do you miss your beauty? Is your heart so Sad?
Light can’t be faded, it’s captive in your cage.

What is your language? Is it Math or is it Music?
Innocence only runs to tears, it’s all so confusing.

It’s not a fair way to hurt someone and take the votes,
Please send someone with real miracles, not just quotes.

Please fix the broken parts of my imagination, please,
I’m, will be big as desert if such Music isn’t your piece,

Just show me one sign or retrieve the peace,
If that’s your command to kill my heart, it’s not grief.

Please, help me in my quest and complete my one request,
Turn my face into a smiling emoji before the sunset,
Wake me up as the robot you need, if that’s the best.