Water Pollution

Hey tyrants, keep playing your jam,
No need to worry, time is 2:27 PM.

Mark this date, five twenty-three,
Mark the year, it is 20 seventeen.

It’s your day, you murder and laugh,
Hiding behind labels is your craft.

Did anyone tell you of an invisible sword?
It is wielded by innocent hearts, made of gold.

All your fame, money, and your power,
Won’t clean the dirt, take a shower.

Nature gets angry with polluting water,
Go see the suffering of animals being slaughtered.

Inverse is your rule, my universal mother,
Innocent cry now, then, they won’t bother.

Has anyone seen the clock of the omega?
Twelvers unify with Eleveners’ saga.

Trinity meets the one traversing a delta,
All waiting for the one, they call The Alpha!

The power of zero is ALiF’s imagination double-edged,
An alpha will call on all the alphas bearing the gauntlets.

No one really knows who’s witness of it all,
When the silence will speak, they will surely fall.

The hour they fear, who cares for the second?
The Minute Arm obstinately tries to defend.

The indefinite tense of time knows no mercy,
Accelerating the growth of their seeds, they’ll reap.

By the milk that we get from the rumen,
You will pay for the way you touch the women.

In time, they will get what they deserve,
Let them live in the dreamless world where,
They are the Gods, and there’s no one above.