Not Your Fault

Not you my mother, you are the kindest,
Or you my sister, you are the blindest,
Worry not my daughter, you are the naiviest,
Or you my love, cause you are the bravest.

Believe, time always have, and it will heal,
Along the line, you will feel the missing weal.

Your son will try to look for all that’s concealed,
Your brother will invert the colors if that’s the deal,
Your father will remove badness from madness for you to see,
Your lover will take no U-turns, and let the love be.

In the end, let’s pray, the friendship will succeed,
Adam wasn’t afraid to embrace price of her deeds,
His sons, our mother, fear not, if tears they bleed,
It’s your given life, there’s no power in the universe,
Only our maker can undo it all but he loves you,
Cause heaven he placed, under your feet.