Lessons of Friendship

My Maker, it’s the lessons of friendship,
That keep me forever trapped,
The lessons that I can’t skip,
Earth is a mother to me, not just a ship.

I haven’t forgotten chapters of fathership,
“Let go off all the hatred and promote brothership,”
How brutal they are spreading the bad ideals,
Save them from bad mouths, give them happy meals.

Yes, you don’t care because you know when to save,
You are the one that doesn’t need ‘est’ in the brave,
The creator fell in love with the word, not humanity?
For all his creations, he feels, not feeling is insanity.

Save me from words and voices oozing out cause,
They are deafening, and I know I could be false,
You know my panic button, please lift my face,
Have I been banished from your love and your grace?

I can’t do much but imagine the pain,
Countless lives sacrificed in your name,
If there’s a fear, it’s of the false fame,
What do my masters serve if purpose not same?

Your love knows no bounds but they don’t know,
The fear they deliver is false and self-grown,
Senseless actions! Your kindness they are running from,
Life will never sink, fishes breathe in water when drowned.

This war is so causeless, the rulers, masked and feudal,
Seeking pleasure in all the killing is your only tribunal,
It’s easy to seek forgiveness, this feeling feels mutual,
There’s no curse upon be believers of one-time funeral.

I can’t thank you enough for making my imagination virus-free,
The apple of mindless wisdom can hit anyone under your tree,
Please listen to all the hearts now, You know your ways better,
You are always right, the opinion of one’s own heart shouldn’t matter.