Wisdom of Anything and Everything

“You can’t hurt the Divine Power by thinking yourselves as Gods or Goddesses.”

But In the process, you attempt to make the Divine look small and deprive yourselves of higher and deeper knowledge of your own identities as human beings. If Angels bowed to Adam, it was not only because God said so, but also because God doesn’t say without a strong reason.

The more you exalt your maker, the more you are able to see and understand. Claiming to know everything or supreme wisdom is your panic button that you use to set your boundaries so learning can stop. You say it just to yourself, with your heart as keeper of your secret so it can be a witness and you can become a student again as you have rested enough, and are ready to learn more.

Adam knew all the names. In the realm of heavens, knowing is acceptance and angels can’t accept everything they could understand and that’s why they obey without questioning because they can’t afford to know the wisdom (explanations) that can only be accommodated in the chest of a human being. Angels are carriers of information, Divine is the keeper, and we, are just the students in this picture.

As offsprings of Adam and Eve or particles of nature and God, we cannot grow without exalting our maker to the highest of the places all the way to infinity and eternity. As human beings, we can’t become all knowledgeable but know the wisdom of our limitations by producing and understanding simple sentences. Like,

“Everything is just another anything for God.”

Wisdom is understanding that we can’t know everything and assign it a simple reason… we are children of Adam, who was Mother Earth’s most beloved soul that ever stepped on her sand and that’s the moment when she fell in love with him for not just one but two reasons.

FIRST: Adam was the first human child without a father and mother, the earth (space) had to give him motherly love and motion (time) became his father as a guide and both these attributes relate to divine who stands alone where names, letters, quantities don’t existence, but the pure and supreme essence of quality.

SECOND: Adam and Eve gave Mother Earth so many children (us) and we have done more than enough to proof that Adam is the most beloved human being who nominated other names as leaders and we fight over those leaders. By depriving Adam as the best, we only deprive our human self of becoming a better being, “as a humble human being.”

The Story of Adam and Eve rests in the core of human evolution and it’s a great way to understand the universe alongside countless other interpretations. By not following this tale of love and friendship (especially the followers of Abrahamic religions), we are only promoting enmity and hatred.

We are born out of sin that Adam and Eve committed. We were supposed to live in peace and harmony to prove that our existence is not a crime. If you get to learn about this simple story and the magic in it, denying that it can bring us to a common point is your choice alone as an individual.

Seekers of truth don’t need Titanic, they sail in groups of canoes where a blade is not a sword that cuts but simply a stick to pushes our motion, forward. Truth teaches us to live in possibilities, absolutes only belong to who is The Alpha, is The Maker. The First and the Last one to say Me, when there will be no one else to say it.