The Gift of Memories

“Your memories are a gift to your maker and the pain in them is only the wrapper.”

You can love the packing and how beautifully a gift is wrapped with multicolored papers and ribbons. But you only keep what’s inside the box and trash the rest.

Some gifts you hold on to a long time and some you just don’t like and they are just good as their wrappers, worthy of being trashed.

Your memories are a lifetime worth of struggle recording every good and bad experience you have been through. Whether in the physical world or just in your mind.

While the packing can be removed, the bad deeds and dark thoughts become part of our memories.

Perhaps, our maker is going to keep them all to keep our heart or smash it back right on our faces. Who knows? Perhaps, one who governs us all also has the power to divided our memories from us so only good ones make it through. We can only hope to get most of ourselves through.

Perhaps, global events are a direct consequence of average of all our individual lives and thoughts.

What are you on Earth if not memories of people passing through time?

You can only dream to have flawless experiences, but you cannot separate yourself from the deprivation of love in the world. All kind of people make your world, they are part of your thoughts like distinct and bleak memories.


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