The Eternal Wright Brothers Trapped in Time


No girls, no money, why did they do it. For the love of a feelings, what is it like to fly free.

Wright brother died, they helped us get into the sky. What never died with them was their dream to fly free. Even more freely.

Today, base-jumpers around the world, pilot jetpack flyers video here. Virtual reality, all of it points to our innate desire to fly free of boundaries.

So if these Eternal Wright Brothers live among us today, where are they?

ALiF has searched all the information in my head and uses two alphabets to represent the Eternal Wright Brothers Trapped in Time: J and M. They are brother of A Fraternity, trapped in a time, wanting to be free. And with them, they want to take us all to a biger adventure where we learn to fly, fly free.

Paternity, Maternity, Fraternity, Trinity