ALiF-The Particle: Traveling In Waves

In an ocean of water and desert of sands that flowed in chaos and chaos, “A Particle called ALiF” was learning to travel in the waves.

There were two types of particles, some spun clockwise and some anticlockwise. Yet there were innumerable orientations which made them all unique.

They were all similar to each other but their time of arrival from the cloud above made them think they were different. Yes, they were different but none of them could recognize a unique hidden identity inside them. The one property that made ever particle travel into waves as well.

So they thought that they were particles, not waves. There was nothing smaller or larger so ALiF could tell which one was small and which one was larger. So he became determined to ask the skies the truth the next time he goes to the surface.

Reaching the surface wasn’t easy. It took some skills, some knowledge, some rules, and some art. To become free in its true meanings, he needed a keyword that he had been missing. Little did he know that this keyword was his name and in it, was going to unlock the absolute freedom that particles on the top most layer, the surface, cherish and flew freely into a space.

ALiF was amazed at this realisation. It was true, he had a name and he never cared to find its meaning. So he started it randomly, asking every particle, what is the meaning of ALiF?

“We don’t know the meaning of our names because names are given to us, we do not name ourselves. These are some secrets from the top. Perhaps even higher than the surface. No one can know!”

“No one can know? , there was this one particle that could not

He was not ready to accept it because he wanted his meaning, the meaning of ALiF and why it was given to him. So he thought that he needs a motion that they are not following. A motion that is in the heart of everything in this universe. A motion that of a particle that combines all the other types of motion. , there was this one particle that could

An alpha motion, that was never discovered. It is found in circular motion, the motion of the pendulum (time) motion of the particles (space) and motion of the consciousness… wait? Consciousness has a motion? Could it be?

It is true, he had never been to the surface, but he had seen so many talks about it. Particles used to talk about clouds and beyond, no one had really seen the clouds or what’s beyond. yet it all existed in their imagination.

Many millenniums passed…

How sad, particles never die. Alif said to himself. If we were mortals, we would have a much better understanding. The mortals do not care about their lives, they are the most thankless particles because they get to travel in waves.

Perhaps it’s the same for all of the tus, the mortal and the immortal particles. We don’t get to our destinations until we learn to travel in waves. There is no destiny in the mortal realm, all these particles believe what they have to, why can’t I believe in a destiny? All I need is to believe hard enough that there is a destiny and that’s all.

So he started believing that he has a destiny. Every day, dissolving himself more into the random spins, random motions, and random thoughts. He was looking for that one key that had to exist outside his imagination. One key to unlocking them all.

Many eons later…

ALiF had figured out that one day, he will meet an imaginary particle that will become his alpha. That particle will change shapes and possess any the body of any particle it wants. An alpha particle.

, there was this one particle that could not

, there was this one particle that could not