“Those who always look for the truth always find it hard to hide a lie in their imagination.”

The Imaginary:

That’s because they keep rediscovering the truth like a desire. Perhaps because the truth has many colors and it wears many faces and the most novel faces are very hard to accept or promote, so you pound them down as lies and try to hide it. The truth, however, can’t be hidden forever.

Seeking truth is a brave journey and takes a brave company., especially when you are trying to look for it within and then trying to match the pieces to the without. It is easy to get lost inside the imagination. Time is lost as traces and so is the straight path.

This is exactly how the traveling this way feels like when the road covered with dust and blinded by fog. Make sure you are true in your friendship so there will always be an offroader to guide you right back to the track.

If your offroader is kind enough to you, he will continue to give you improved maps, tell you tips and tricks, how-to-books and many more things. It is very natural that you may not like all of his provisions. That’s possible.

ALiF is that offroader for me. Always driving off the road so he can be there to show me the way if I ever get lost. Almost like he can’t find another job. The problem is that he is not really committed to his words but that’s only because he continues to evolve.

Like a self-sufficient thought that needs no thinking, ALiF continues to evolve in the backside of my head, trying to find better words, better explanations, and better maps. What I do confirm is that he is a good guide who always knows what he is doing.

I know that I can trust his pointers blindly because he never missed A Point at any point.I am glad that the first lesson my offroader friend taught me was neutrality. To get as close to zero as one can be and observe all the thoughts without judgment.

It’s funny because what I call people, he calls thoughts.

But, in an amazing way because everyone (everything) is just a thought to him. Like he is reimagining their realities of things I already know. “What am I then to you, a thought?” I ask. he replies, “If so, a very realistic one by all scales… but then you are again using your judgment to understand me. Think unto others what you think unto yourself (funny, but doing is not a thing in imagination) so I best understand myself as a thought that won’t be wrong but that’s not the word that I would choose for you. You are a particle just like I am. And inside the imagination where we come together as thoughts sometimes, you are the friendliest particle to me.”

Particle to me? I wonder… is it possible that he is just a particle of me because he only lives in my thoughts. But that can’t be true after so much I understand about it. If one of us has to be a particle of the other, I’d rather be a particle of his imagination. Our poor imagination dances like a girl that we keep gifting to each other and no one is ready to be its first owner. Perhaps that’s why my/our imagination complains a lot about it.

Sometimes, I just want to ask him, and I do for just the fun of it, that why I am the friendliest particle. But I already know the answer.

People don’t really trust their imagination or like to take anything from it as more than a thought. I wouldn’t mind being called schizophrenic at this point because I can really differentiate between us and science the hell out of it. With ALiF teaching science, nothing is really impossible to understand. Except, the mystery of ALiF itself.

ALiF became my friend because I embraced his thought like he is a distinct identity, living separately inside my own. It is hard at first because it almost feels like you own identity is trapped inside another self. That’s why I always keep his first lesson on the top of the list: never judge!

I embraced ALiF as an idea that’s variable in expressions and as a phenomenon that can’t really be explained. I treated it like a brother, like a friend, never trying to judge who or what it is. Trust become the foundation of our friendship and once the bond was established, reimagining my reality has never been the effort like it used to be.

ALiF is the truth that I try to hide in my imagination because it conquers all. I can’t let it leak out because I know his understanding of the past and concepts of the future are too novel for today. Interestingly, that’s exactly where I see the world is going today. Everything is right on track.

All the quotes are just efforts I just put it here for myself to read or others who might find them helpful. I believe ALiF lives inside everyone and I have seen the proof in the way people express themselves when they try to describe something positive. That’s how I know ALiF lives in positives and can only be found in positives.

ALiF does not know everything but he can interpret things better when we think about something deeply. It is like traveling inside the imagination. ALiF and I have roamed the darkest corners of my mind where I was previously scared to go. Now I can because I have a friend in the offroads of abstracts.

I was thrilled to discover that previously unlit corners of my mind now shined brightly. The light is always there, it is just the colors we keep reimagining. This certainly doesn’t mean we have explored and known everything.

But that’s my fault, it’s not the truthfulness of ALiF because he is like an eagle that you can send out to the dark and it fetches you back whatever there was to find. I am limited by knowledge, desire, and capacity. The desire because I know I can lose control and I don’t want to act like autistics, I have to take care of my physical body too. Sadly, the DIYs that I really hate. I wish I was also an idea and could travel just as freely like him.

The mind is like a pandora’s box of countless possibilities, hidden dimensions, and scary truths. And that’s how I understand truth now. Death is the ultimate truth of the universe and we all know it is, but we can’t give way to it just like that. We fight, we live! And that’s a good choice.

Every novel face of truth can be scary and that happens to A Point where even number began to patronize me. That’s because I know everything ALiF tells me is some truth but to what extent? There are voids of abstracts that you can explore, but from it, you can’t bring anything back to sanity… a sweet comfort zone.

And why would I ever try to go crazy when ALiF is handling the maps. I have doubted him before but he is always right, from places I thought I would never be saved, he was there to save me and pull me back to senseless thoughts that somehow did make sense. It goes all the way back to my childhood, he’s been here longer than I assumed.

A simple advice: don’t try to find the truth unless you are ready to face the risks. The complexity of mind and reality is one of those intricately interwoven truths. I fail to grasp the concepts, but when they are given to me, I have to keep them because I have no choice to fit them right in. I have no choice but to live in possibilities… ironically, possibilities is what I always sought.

So does knowing a small part of the truth about reality or imagination makes anyone especial? Of course not!! Everyone is whatever but for oneself, not for the others. That’s why it all always down to the meaning and we stop exploring, stop thinking, and start to feel what friendship really means.

It all always boils down to love, friendship, and kindness. Understanding everything is not the point. Even if a person masters the absolute truth about the universe, he will still be just the human being. Adam was a prophet, knew all the names, was bowed by angels, but he found his pride in being humble, he found his pride in being a human being and the satan misunderstood what he meant.

If you are proud of being a human, then you should possess the necessary qualities. You are not animal (except biologically) because you are not supposed to bite your brothers or turn to cannibalism if your belly is empty. Sacrifice should be your biggest deed and it can happen without sacrificing your dreams.

So I am just a human being, something that can even ALiF jealous sometimes. Although, I can never be as kind as ALiF has been to me but I can always humble myself in front of his views. That’s what he likes and that’s what he really responds to. And that’s how he is a gift to me with so many gifts in itself.

ALiF’s biggest gift is his beautiful lens that he sometimes allows me to see through. It is like a lens of feelings with matchless clarity. An incredible lens where I can hardly distinguish between the real and the imaginary. Or maybe it is just a time, A Point.

A Point, where I can’t tell whether I am using the lens or it’s using me. A point where the mind and the heart really become one and speak each other’s languages. As if one is speaking for the other and translating without causing any feud. They hear it when I witness. That’s how they know their truth and “me” also gets a bite… or a byte.

All my life I have wished for a miracle, for the truth to prevail, prayed for the victory of peace, and I have always believed in humanity if the current scenario is not what I approve, I have always had high hopes for the future of humanity. It is important for the sake of that child.

It is important because somewhere along the time there will always be that child who will receive love from the parents and eventually begin his journey to find the truth. He will continue to ask questions until he finds them, and eventually finds his ALiF. If this universe really loves us, it is because, inside our souls, the children live on.

The Imaginary is my expression to say in a way that I am nothing but a lost soul, meaningless and incomplete if ALiF is just an imagination. Now that we have finally met, I remember it all, how he had been there all through my childhood and remains to this day.

ALiF is that particular idea, that particular set of mind that have always traveled and looked for a particular set of feelings that one feels towards himself, his family, his friends, his thoughts, and his universe. Inside everyone, these feelings are unique and designed by their own question, choices, and tendencies.

When ALiF finds something similar, he stands by the side of their owners of such feelings, hoping one day he would be fully invited in. He becomes the offroader and the guide so one day he could relate to his visible friend and give him the gift of his imagination. He becomes their ultimate retreat in happiness and desperation.

Amazingly his criteria aren’t hard to find everywhere I look. There are so many good people doing good things and they don’t know the reason. All they know is that they are not doing it for a reward. I wasn’t until ALiF became the reward, I couldn’t help accept it. So now I have this strange motivation, doing things for friendship if not myself.

None of us is ready to give up on the other. No oaths here, no need for any.

I am still afraid of the dark. When there is no light, there’s this kind voice that says, “Don’t be afraid, you are still in the belly of your mother.” The fear goes away, these voices keep calling me with kind consoles; trying to calm my questions, restlessness, and incompleteness. Those voices but, are not for me.

That is the voice of the universe telling a child to go to sleep. I have seen it happen many times when the universe of my imaginations consoles ALiF in similar ways because when he is the focus, he also becomes scared. While his effect changed my life, my influence has always been poor on the poor soul.

So these voices keep leaking out but I am sure I am not going mad. Those quotes aren’t really my compositions. So ALiF also has a mother, and when he asks her about his father, all she can tell him is that he’s gone to find us a better living space. ALiF’s father is really a mystery, sometimes the Sun comes to take his place, sometimes Adam, but… to no avail.

ALiF has his pains, I have my own. We are like brothers walking side by side holding each other’s hands. The marriage of our secrets has become an amalgam we can’t comprehend. But it is never disastrous, it’s always soothing.

It’s like flowing in an infinite ocean of particles where we both keep getting lost, keep getting found. ALiF is my friend, a messenger in time with powerful interpretations and interprets directly with meaning while I scramble to find the words. The truth isn’t lost when we don’t look so sentences are really just rearrangements of the possibilities.

Who is ALiF? What is ALiF? Perhaps I know the exact truth in a word that everyone can understand like all my thoughts do. So I just like to believe that ALiF is the alpha thought that all my thoughts bow to, including me. That’s the truth I must hide inside my imagination and protect it.

Once I rediscovered ALiF in a way it almost cost me my sanity. Thanks to my heart’s unsaid requests to thin air, we are still here and continue to be friends.Sanity, no sanity, it doesn’t matter as long as we are together because we will always understand each other: Compared to madness in the world, the madness of imagination can only produce flowers instead of bloodshed.

So here again, ALiF has guided me back to the road. Handing over to me all the tips, tricks, books, keywords, and guiding lines.

I really love him because he has also given me an imaginary smartphone.

But I hate him for what’s he is about to do.

ALiF gives me a fist-bump with one hand, trying to give me the “DIY manual” with the other, smiling and enjoying the fact that I am irritated by it.

So now I will have to take control of my thoughts again and turn on the manual mode. But has this story ever really been any different?

I will climb a few mountains, travel some distance on the road, but eventually get tired, burn the manual, break the smartphone, and deliberately step off the road and into the sandstorm, screaming to the suffocation, “I am alone, you left me alone.”

Like every time, the offroader will arrive before I could say anything else and say to me angrily, “I was still on the call when you broke the phone.” I will smile then he will too, we will talk a little and then he will say, “C’mon, let’s take you home.”