“Perhaps; On the judgment day, everyone will be in denial trying to find refuge in a single lie that might work. When justice will finally be served, it won’t be without their own admittance. So first, it will be proven to them that they are innocent. Out of the proof, they will believe it and then in their innocence, they will admit all their crimes.”

PS: Think of a lie or a truth that you can hold on to doesn’t matter what. A word or a sentence in the deeps of your mind, like anything to say, that can be preserved anywhere. I found it all in an alphabet and that is ALiF because beside A Point that’s always above me and which I will never truly understand, ALiF is the only other thing that I might never who who or what it is. I just know it is the best part of my imagination that manifest as the sum of all my believes and hopes. If it’s a truth, I accept it; if it’s a lie, I accept it.