One day, Adam never slept

What do I do, he keeps falling asleep. I have so much to tell him, so much to show him, and so much to give. She couldn’t see him in pain anymore and now she knew what to do, but will he ever understand? Will he ever…

“I know you are here Eve, I know. But where is the mother?”

“Adam, my love! I finally have the answer, but I will tell you only if you’d listen to me.”

“Anything you say, please tell me!”

“It is a long story and I need you to sleep right here, with me. Take it, eat this,” she said and he did.

“Now, you will feel like you are asleep. You will feel like you are dreaming but you must stay, stay with me. If you want to know where is the mother, you must never sleep,” she said kindly and wrapped her arms around him.

Her story started with the birth of the children. And those children had a mother. His eyes shone, but as she continued he began to feel drowsy. He tried to sleep but he couldn’t. The tale of the mother kept him wondering and it dragged him in the wonderlands where he continued to wonder.

Adam was finally at peace. Eve had never seen him so steady, so she continued. Day after day, telling different tales. Tales of the mother.

He never had to sleep ever again. His feet were drowned in the fantasies and his eyes were lost in the eyes of Eve. Lost in the feelings. Feelings, he had never seen in her eyes.

Will he ever understand? Will he ever… forgive?