Never Let Go

Never let go
Keep walking on,
Through the storms,
Against the blows.

Never let go,
Oh sing along,
The music will guide,
To the beauty,
when its full.

Never let go,
See dreams fall,
Accepting feelings,
Silent treat is all.

Never let go,
Just wander alone,
Keep getting lost,
Keep getting found.

Never let go,
This hope is all,
Something we have,
somethings haveĀ gone.

Never let go,
Looking for the saint,
Don’t be so strange,
We will meet again.

Never let go,
When darkness falls,
Just keep believing,
Light in the heart.

Never let go,
When thunder roars,
Hold on to the love,
Close to the core.

Never let go,
Keep swimming along,
Riding the surface,
All the way to shore.

Never let go,
Oh when you sleep,
Hoping and believing,
Just keep dreaming.

Never let go,
Never feel small,
How big can it be,
Trapped in a heart.

Never let go,
Oh never depart,
See its coming,
Back in thoughts.

Never let go,
This wildest scene,
Could be a thought,
But what you feel,
is real.

Yeah, your life could be a dream, but what you feel is real.