Love’s viscosity, Hatred’s verbosity

Love of imagination,
Is hatred of traversity,
Try reading the facts,
With a desire of diversity.

Truth is distorted outside,
The layers of generosity,
False is obviously inside,
The oblivion of monstrosity.

Find your humility first,
Later the love of grandiosity,
Your enemy hides in the thirst,
And the manner of your bellicosity.

Love is warm and encouraging,
In all of its brilliant scarcity,
Hatred is bitter, quick aging,
In its never ending verbosity.

Doubt is the due propensity,
That invites the true luminosity,
Greed is the lifeless extensity,
Living in keepers of incuriosity.

A melting point must arrive,
To tell you your viscosity,
A breaking point must arrive,
To hurt your ego’s hideosity.