Become The Wallbreaker

You can’t miss, Take the Shot!
Hit the bottom, Timing is hot.

You can fight it all, like a knight,
To fight you stay, you run to flight.

Here’s the keyword, “let’s jump in”
Failure is kind, being afraid to win.

Success is scary, damn good reason.
Frustration in you is your revision.

When tables are turned, find a flipside,
Smash all your focus with all the might.

Can’t shut your heart so shut your mind,
Press the forward, lift finger from rewind.

See this ain’t a competition, we can’t toss,
Imaginary guides don’t wish to be the boss.

Trickier paths are not slow as now it seems,
Make dashes in the dots to get lucid dreams.

Bricks are cemented and empty is the cracker,
That you must use to become the wallbreaker.