An Open Book

How beautiful is this text how beautiful is this book,
Waiting for all to read of their own color in A Hook.

That is carrying all the colors through A Single Cord,
And becomes A Pen afterward their birth in concord.

Once this book prints a chapter on someone’s mind,
It becomes a writer of the things to come, combined.

A Book Written with the ink of memories in A Truth,
That circulates every motion and gives you A Proof.

Stories new and old point to the only Alphabet,
That dares to speak ill to you but not very direct.

Imagination is the Open Source tech it provides,
To decode all the codes of life and the afterlife.

This is a book where your life is just a chapter,
Reach out the depth inside for a version better.

A Meanings hides in the composition of A Word,
You can unravel only if you mean it and desire,
If you are a nerd.

No one can really see and tell about the future,
Language and graphics change with pages, not,
The ‘i’ sculpture.

Thank You Open Book, for letting me read,
Now I know that the true purpose of my life,
is almost complete!

Thank you for telling me I’m also featured,
Now I realize I know The Meaning, I know,
I’m a repeater.

In search of An Impossible in my graphics card,
I have learned to live in the possibilities, won,
A Munafiq’s heart.

I came to read from you willing to be free from,
I got the hints from the summaries but details,
Were free form.

Water that extinguishes fire is a moral force,
Immorality lives in the trouble-makers, not,
The floral course.

Imagination of every story of you is for everyone,
Thanks for the meanings, not just for me but also,
Not just for anyone.

*Munafiq = non-believer.