What is ALif’s Khayali Pulao: In Easy English

What is ALiF’s Khayali Pulao?

It’s a new breaking,
Haunting and shaking,
Inside the mindfulness,
ALiF is just waking.

It’s a Donkey Kong,
Throwing barrels down,
ALiF the hammer it has,
Hitting to get his date.

Come laugh together,
It’s just a Khayali Pulao,
Just an imaginary dish,
Eat it all, don’t spit out.

Made up of grains of a rice,
One recipe but and a spice,
Inside the mind kill the vice,
It’s even harmless for the mice.

Stay strong through life,
It’s a very delicious wife,
Getting her drunk isn’t nice,
You get hurt to your surprise.

ALiF is the recipe not the cook,
Chef he became for a hand he shook,
Where’s fun in life if not the proof,
Text is a ceiling, meaning is a roof.

Khayali Pulao: The Making of chapter one

All I can say for now is that The Khayali Pulao (Imaginary Dish) could still be in the making.

ALiF’s Khayali Pulao: Meanings

  • A Khayali Pulao
    An Imaginary Dish

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