In Dreams, We Fly

1. Run Fast, if you Wish to Fly

In dreams, we fly. It is amazing.

A boy was flying in his dreams when he looked down upon a city where nobody dreamed of flying. Except, this young woman who was hellbent to fly higher than him. He watched her in amusement every day because she never succeeded and he loved to watch her try.

One day, as he was flying over those hills, he couldn’t find her. He became concerned and came down. There he saw her, sitting on a rock, crying in sobs.

Her face brightened watching him up close. She forgot that she was crying. He cupped her face in his hands and said, “If you run fast enough, you fly.” She did and she flew over to her city and forgot about the boy completely.

The boy resumed his flight rose towards the light.

2. You Can’t Run in High Heels

Inside dreams, there is no gravity, yet there is something pulling you to the ground.

The boy was flying in his imagination, flying back to the city where he taught a girl how she could if she wished to fly. He searched her in the city she wasn’t there.

He flew over to the hills, hoping she would be sitting on that rock. And she was, sitting there silently, crying. He came down and watched her, dressed as a fairy with artificial wings.

His footsteps were without a sound, yet she somehow knew he was near and looked up to see his face. Again, her face brightened with joy. She came running towards him and said, kneeling down on her knees, “Oh dear look, I cannot fly no more!”

He told her to close her eyes. As she did, he took a burden off her feet.

She opened her eyes and ran instantly, gradually rising towards in the sky.He flew to her, held her hands and said, “See, no one can really fly, but you are too swift to run. And you can’t run in the high heels.”

3. You have the thread, I’m just a Kite

Inside the dreams, there’s no air, yet you can feel its freshness brush against your face.

The boy was walking in his dreams, he used to fly. He didn’t feel tired but wanted to sit on a rock when he saw one placed nowhere in the barren lands, with nothing but dust.

He wasn’t used to reasoning and remembering things in the dreams, but there he was wondering about a wonderful creature who wanted to fly.

Just then, a light flashed from the sky and an angel came down to the earth. She wasn’t wearing any heels.

“I have searched for you everywhere, dear boy, why don’t you fly?”

“I don’t because I can, I have just lost the will to try.”

She came and sat by his side. “But I want to see who can fly higher? Now that you have taught me to fly, I wish to fly with you.”

He kissed her hands and said, “I used to fly free aimlessly until I met you. Now I walk, but not aimlessly.”

“Then admit that I can fly higher than you do,” she said angrily.

He smiled, “You are the thread, I’m just a Kite. I will always fly higher than you.”

She replied in anguish, “but I want to touch that light above, I can’t without your help.”

“The thread you hold is your desire, you can’t go beyond that light, but pull me down here once in a while.”

He unwound the cloak around his body and she saw her heels wound around his neck like a necklace. “I have tried many times to take these heels with me, but every time I wake up, my hands I find empty.”

“Why can’t I come with you?” The girl asked.

“You are the girl of my dreams and I can’t take you to a place where you can’t fly free.”