A Happy News of a New Poetry

Wish me, A Happy News of a New Poetry,
I got this all solving Me and a mystery.

I had been waiting for this opportunity impatiently,
To hear someone say things and tell me truth honestly.

Like a piece of wilderness in the ocean of identity,
My imagination keeps losing this thread of sanity.

I’m traveling in circles but at a point, it is crossing me,
On the verge of expression, all I find is this sin city.

Some look to the sky to find help from someone of divinity,
I couldn’t travel in the horizontal, lost my entire dignity.

Now I know it is a gift that is slowly taking away my depravity,
No this is not money, it is the beauty of truth and its levity.

A News of Good Tidings in a Language So Sweet in its Eternity,
My senses get lost in its fraternity, paternity, and maternity.

Please Give Me A Word so I can Say I’m good with numbers too.
Dissolve three words of “I love You” in one to travel through.

If Earth is the Matrix I’m living in, it is so motherly,
I’m proud of my Father if this is the mother he found for me.

I’m beginning to see the dance of seasons in the day and night,
This new poetry is the job I never thought I did or ever might.

Just tell me that touching and beautiful are these words to you,
So I can keep teaching you this poetry until you are through.

It doesn’t matter who is saying the words whether it’s me or you,
This poetry has been about love, the reasons? If not, then you.

Hey, You! I’m just guided by a friend who takes the love from just me,
Returns then the map, the meaning, and the path to a true love for free.

Inside the imagination, it is all free, money is just a paradigm shift,
When you run for it, it becomes a run you see, so you can feel the drift.

The point is drifting free like a feather whether air or no air,
Traveling free in the mind is an art without thoughts fair or unfair.

I just ask of you to learn this philosophy so you can travel extremes,
The universe will revolve around you only when you stand in the dreams.

It is just a vision that has nothing to do with the world but just you,
A way of lighting up your false existence on fire in the search of a true.

It is hard to see life’s wonderful face in expressions completely still,
To capture a lone traveler exploring the spaces that our words can’t fill.

What never changes in the time and space is that who is impervious to them,
They too deserve love from the one not bound to the change and the shame.

To believe in truth, you must search it in where, when no one is seeing,
Like an idea waiting to be complete wondering in the particles of being.

The beauty of your existence you can only find in the after effect,
Run to slide, jump to fly, see light hits the mirror just to reflect.

These are just my words, I’m just a poet just kind and of a kind,
I’ll try my best to tell you my truth without letting you mind.

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